Italy is my home country, one that I have traveled extensively. Below you will find links to all my blog content about Italy. You can find more information about my Travel Planning Service here.

Anguillara Sabazia town on Lake Bracciano: travel guide

17 Jun, 2019 Italy|Italy Comments:0 Anguillara Sabazia is the nearest to Rome of the three main cities on Lake Bracciano. You can reach it by a 40-minute train ride from the Valle Aurelia subway station, and then a ride on the Schiaffini public bus to the old town....

Siracusa Sicily: guide to Ortigia and beyond

9 Aug, 2018ItalyComments:46Here are my tips on what to see and do in Siracusa, Sicily, where I recently spent one week, running away from the urban summer in Rome. Siracusa (that´s “Syracuse” in English, and “Saraúsa” in the local Sicilian dialect) has something for...

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