If you’re familiar with this travel blog, you should already know that I’m Italian.
Italy is the country where I was born and raised, and where I’ve lived for over thirty years.
One of the facts that characterize every Italian, is to be used to be surrounded by art and monuments thousands of years old. Sometimes we don’t realize the richness of our country until we emigrate abroad and then return.
But Italy is also a country of immense landscape variety, with countless natural landmarks worth seeing.
The first time you visit Italy, you should definitely spend a few days in Rome. Although you’ll be tempted to visit the most famous art cities one after another -Florence, Venice, Milan- I suggest you rethink your plans and leave yourself some time to visit some of Italy’s hidden gems.
Many of these underrated places you’ll find in Italian novels you can read in English.

Italians love to travel in Italy more than in any other country.
But where do Italians who travel to Italy go?
Alternative experiences to visiting the more touristy destinations that an Italian might recommend include:
A road trip to southern Tuscany
Exploring the mysterious history and flavors of the region called Tuscia
Discovering the enchanting city of Padua to relieve yourself from the over touristy Venice.
Visiting Naples, Napoli, the capital of pizza and philosophy, especially on New Year’s Eve.
Walking in the fairy-tale like cities of tuff: Sovana, Sorano and Pitigliano.
Relax in one of the dozens of thermal baths in central Italy, like the Saturnia natural pools.
Immerse yourself in the historic centers of small towns like Bracciano and Calcata.
And that’s just for starters!

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