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The idea to create this blog, like almost all the texts and photos that are part of it, is the work of the woman you see here in the photo, an Italian who in a few years will be 40 years old.
I love this picture because it was taken during a period that challenged me a lot and that I went through tenaciously and without ever losing hope, maybe because I had behind me 6 years of fulfilling 3 of my greatest desires: working abroad (in Xiamen, one of the most beautiful cities to live in China), learning foreign languages (Chinese and English) and going on long trips to different parts of the world.

I started wanting to explore Asia when I was 12 years old and read a book about Tibet. I had the feeling that the culture and customs of the country where one is born become over time heavy jackets that one must be able to take off when needed to truly feel and express who one is. Traveling is continuous training to do this.
Traveling has allowed me to experience what it means to live in other parts of the world and to observe the place from which I came from another angle, less subjective, more critical. I feel a sense of infinite joy and gratitude every time I think back to my solo trips to

Indonesia ( I spent a whole month on Weh Island!).

I’m passionate about low-cost travel and last-minute organized adventures, like my hitchhiking trip from Xiamen to Shanghai and New Zealand.
I agree with those who say that traveling has never been about money, but about courage! It takes courage to go in the direction of your dreams and at the same time, you can combine travel with work by doing a petsitting or workaway experience.

Living and traveling abroad has also given me new energy and motivation to explore more and better my home country Italy, and the city where I was born and raised, Rome.
I have created guides that will allow even first-time travelers to Italy to visit and love it as an Italian would. These guides are full of tips and advice that will allow you to save money and experience Italy’s hidden treasures, such as Tuscia and Lake Bracciano, where you can enjoy quality hospitality.

Returning to Italy after years of living abroad was not easy at all, in fact it was a real reverse culture shock!

It forced me to insert the new me in the old places and transform them.
I learned to travel by staying in the same place. The region where I live now has so much to discover, especially for those who love nature. Read these articles to get a more authentic understanding of it:

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So much of who we are is where we have been.”

W. Langewiesche