Summer in Rome: ideas to enjoy the hottest season in the eternal city


If this is your first time in the capital of Italy, you might be tempted to check all the monuments on the list in the shortest time possible. There is so much to see, and it is a mind-blowing experience even simply gazing at all the ancient buildings from the outside! But don’t be too daring, summer is not the best time to explore Rome in a day. 

summer in rome
Drinkable water from the “nasone” fountains


Admiring Rome’s monuments after sunset

It’s more reasonable if you split the walks and the visits to the monuments in 2 or 3 days, and have your sightseeing in the evening or night when most of the historical remains are lit up. Visiting the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Navona Square, the Spanish Steps, and the Castel Sant’Angelo after the sunset is a must of the summer in Rome. You also shouldn’t miss the color of the skyline at the sunset hours from the bridges on the Tevere, my favorite being the “Ponte Sant’Angelo”, the “Ponte Sisto”, and the “Ponte Fabrico” bridges. Grab your camera and go for an evening/night walk in the historical center, you’ll be surprised how good it is!

Life-saving public parks and fountains in Rome

There are two things that the eternal city has in abundance, and that can make the difference if you’re spending the summer in Rome: lush parks and drinkable water everywhere. Let’s talk about the small fountains that locals call “nasone” or “fontanella” and that you can see nearly in every square: the water that pours from them is totally drinkable and tasty! You can refill your bottle, refresh your kids’ head and face and your own too, real luck during your walking tour of the historical center. Public parks are lovely spaces to cool down and take a rest: Villa Borghese, Passeggiata del Pincio, Villa Torlonia, Parco del Colle Oppio, and the vast Villa Pamphili and Villa Ada. All of the big parks were the gardens of incredibly rich Roman families back to the XV-XIX centuries. Therefore you’ll also see beautiful architecture inside the parks. All the main parks in Rome have free entry and close for safety reasons during the night. The charme of Rome monuments at night and the many lush parks inside the city center are enough reason to make Rome one of the most beautiful places in Europe to visit this summer.


Free, late afternoon yoga classes in the Villa Pamphili park

Villa Pamphili park is a little bit outside the historical center, and it’s huge and curated. It was a property with a few palaces from the XVII century and vineyards, and now has gardens, pinewoods and ponds, and a running circuit. The coffee shop specialized in organic food “Vivi Bistrot”, which is located inside the park near the gate at Via Vitellia 102, organizes free yoga classes Tuesday to Sunday, 7 to 8 PM. Bring your yoga mat along and join the yoga in the gardens in front of the coffee shop, under the shade of the umbrella pine trees: classes happen only during the summer in Rome, from June 5 to Sep 8. Exploring public parks like Villa Pamphili is one of the most rewarding things to do in Rome for free.

Summer live music at the Village Celimontana 

In the enchanting frame of the Villa Celimontana Park, Italian and International artists will perform every night from June to September. Enjoy the live music while drinking something from the bar. Mondays are dedicated to tango and will host the milongas (€10). Entrance is free during the other days of the week. On Tuesdays, you can try a class of swing dance with well-known teachers, and one Thursday each month rock’n’roll concerts happen. The most awaited moment of this musical manifestation is the Roman Classic Jazz Festival (July 30 to August 4).

Villa Ada Music Festival

The summer in Rome witnesses the yearly music festival in the Villa Ada Park called “Villa Ada Meets the World”. It’s going to be a month and a half of Italian and international live music near the park’s lake ( entrance at Via di Ponte Salario, 28). You can buy a ticket at the gate (€ 10-12), or online. Check the program and the availability here.

Lungo il Tevere summer festival

The city’s river “Tevere” sprouts again every summer along its boardwalks from the Sublicio Bridge and the Sisto Bridge. Each night from June to August, there will be 1,6 km of culinary stands and cultural shows suitable for adults and kids. Each Friday evening, the dock hosts live classical music by artists from the Santa Cecilia conservatory while on Saturdays, local choirs will exhibit. The entrance to “Lungo il Tevere” is free. You really can’t skip this event during your summer in Rome.

summer in rome
Summer readings festival at the Castel Sant’Angelo gardens

Summer readings festival

This cultural festival livens up the summer in Rome since 1986. Books are the protagonists at the Castel Sant’Angelo’s gardens, but, together with book presentations there will be steady artistic handicraft stands, live music, and an exhibition dedicated to one of the most popular Italian actors, Alberto Sordi, that is considered a symbol of the city of Rome. The organizers have created a space for kids, too, with a children’s library, play areas, and more.

“Bevere” beer festival

In occasion of the summer in Rome, breweries from all over the world will present their products under the Umberto Ist Bridge. Entrance to the festival is free. The venue features 1,400 sm of beer stands, a food area, and a dance floor with DJ-sets and live music. 

summer in rome Na Cosetta summer space. Photo by Na Cosetta

“Na cosetta” summer edition

The locals’ beloved underground live music bistrot “Na Cosetta” will transfer from the club in the Pigneto district to an open area at Via del Mandrione 63. It will host live music almost every night at 9 PM (you can get your ticket and have a peek at the daily schedule online). Otherwise, you can enjoy the free area under the pergola and have a drink, gourmet dinner or aperitivo there.

Aniene river summer festival

On the shores of the Aniene river in the Montesacro district, will happen a month of summer events from July 3 to August 3. Live music, stand up comedy, artistic improvisation, and dance classes for free each night from 5PM to 12 AM. There will be a dedicated area for moms and children inside the festival space. Address: Via Nomentana 414.

Spend the day in one of the countless beaches near Rome

If you’re a beach and sea lover you’ll be lucky! Rome lies just 30 km from the Tyrrhenian Sea coast. with a short drive, you will reach one of the beautiful beaches near Rome, which are usually surrounded by relaxed beach towns with beach resorts and seafood restaurants, like Fregene. Don’t forget to protect your skin if you are not used to the South European summer sun.


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