My favorite waterfalls near Rome revealed plus where to visit and curiosities

If you think that the woods and around Rome are poor in enchanted corners and waterfalls you are mistaken. There are a lot of waterfalls near Rome, finding the ones closest to you is quite easy with a little search on the web and using any good hiking apps.
The frenzy of contemporary life in a metropolis like Rome pushes more and more individuals to spend their free time recharging themselves in nature. Central Italy is full of gorges and streams, you are spoilt for choice if you are looking for a waterfall near Rome. Be sure to be fully prepared to hiking near Rome.

Here are some that I absolutely recommend you to see.

These are the waterfalls near Rome I usually visit to get relief from the city

Please make sure to wear good hiking shoes, bring enough water with you, and avoid visiting the woods during a rainy day. Cellphones won’t work here, make sure you hold an off-line map or an app like Wikiloc. Bring some snacks and a bag to collect your waste.

1. The Waterfalls of Cerveteri and Castel Giuliano | Best waterfalls near Rome

There are 8 waterfalls hidden in the gorge that goes from the Etruscan necropolis of Cerveteri, near the seaside, to the village of Castel Giuliano, near Lake Bracciano. It takes about 6 hours to visit all the waterfalls with a ring-route, it is much easier to visit only some of them. Choose if you want to start hiking from the spectacular Hell Road (Via Degli Inferi), an accessible part of the Necropolis of Cerveteri, or from the tiny village of Castel Giuliano. The 2 highest waterfalls can be found starting from Castel Giuliano. They are known as “Cascata Della Mola” and “Cascata Dell’Ospedaletto“. To get an idea of the trail, watch my Youtube video about the waterfalls of Castel Giuliano. These waterfalls are suitable for bathing. If you visit during the summer, avoid walking in the central hours of the day. This area is one of the most secluded and untouched in the larger region known as “Tuscia“.


2. the falls of the Treja Valley Regional Park

The Regional Park Valle Del Treja is popular with families with children and locals who want to access nature without walking too much. In fact, it is possible to park the car near the farm “Agriturismo Casale sul Fiume Treja” and then get to the waterfalls with a short walk by the River Treja. The water is very cold, that’s why these waterfalls are known as “Cascate di Monte Gelato” (freezing mountain waterfalls). Nearby, you can spend time in the natural adventure park “Treja Adventure”, perfect for the adventurous and sporty. You should also pay a visit to Calcata, one of the most picturesque villages near Rome, full of breathtaking views and charming art and craft stores. There you will find also little restaurants and a romantic tea-house. Make sure to read my article on Calcata. The water of the River Treja is not 100% pure, so I do not recommend swimming there.
On the farm near the waterfall, there are many animals walking freely and it’s possible to make your own BBQ for a fee.


3. Waterfalls in the Sorbo Valley

A stone’s throw from Rome, between the villages of Formello and Campagnano, lies the lush Sorbo valley. This valley is part of the huge Regional Park of Veio, famous for the remains of the Etruscan age that also include 50km of underground tunnels dug into the tuff. To access the waterfall in a short time, enter the park from Formello. After walking on a path that crosses a grove and a meadow where animals graze in the wild, you will see the river. The waterfall was home to an ancient mill, of which now remains only a wall. From the waterfall, you arrive with a brief walk to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sorbo, where there are public restrooms and a small church. The pilgrim path known as Via Francigena crosses this valley.

4. Waterfalls of San Vittorino

You can reach the waterfalls of San Vittorino with a walk from the village of San Vittorino, which is located east of Rome. You can combine a visit to the waterfalls with a tour of the historic center of Tivoli, which is one of the most popular day trips from Rome.


5. The Diosilla Fall

According to a legend, the Diosilla was a maiden who turned into a fairy near the waterfall of the same name after a breakup. This romantic waterfall is located in the woods surrounding Ancient Monterano, which is the most spectacular ghost town near Rome. The area was inhabited until the seventeenth century and is rich in natural and historical attractions. You can reach here by car from the village of Canale Monterano. Among the things to see, there are the remains of a fortress and a church that have been chosen for various film sets, a solfatara, an ancient quarry, and a large rock that shows a human profile. It is not possible to swim in the waterfall.

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These were only a few o of the magical waterfalls near Rome that are offered freely by our Goddess Mother Earth, Nature, Gaia. Remember that bonfires are strictly forbidden. Take your waste back to the city 😉


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