A day in Trevignano Romano: what to see, eat, and do in this romantic lake town

I’ve heard many locals and travelers say that Trevignano Romano is the most adorable among the towns on Lake Bracciano. And I certainly agree. The fact that the city doesn’t have a train station drives people to other towns and gives Trevignano Romano a secluded, protected feel. Another factor is that the city center is just a few steps from the shore of the lake, and that makes it easier to stay focused on the enchanting color of the water throughout the day and in all seasons. I’ve collected the essential tips on how to visit Trevignano Romano. Here you go!



Take a train to Anguillara Sabazia from either the Valle Aurelia station (MA Linea A subway) or from the Roma Ostiense station (MB Linea B subway, the “Piramide” station). From the train station in Anguillara Sabazia, public buses of the “Schiaffini” Linea C to the town of Trevignano Romano depart at 07:50, 09:00, 14:45 and 19:20. Buses go back from Trevignano Romano to the Anguillara train station at 06:50, 08:20, 14:15 and 18:45.

When is the best time to visit the enchanting Trevignano Romano?

May to October. during the warmest months, 100% of the restaurants and cafes are working and during the weekends the handicrafts market makes the lakefront alive. A walk on Trevignano Romano’s lake promenade is the easiest way to enjoy one of the most beautiful lakes near Rome.


1. Take a stroll along the lake’s promenade

The heart of Trevignano Romano is the large, curated boardwalk with gardens, benches where you can sit and look at the lake, tall umbrella pine trees, and contemporary sculptures. During the warm season and the Christmas holidays, the boardwalk hosts a vintage market. Here, you’ll also find plenty of romantic places to dine or drink a glass of wine.

You can walk along the lakeside starting from the “Cinema Palma” movie theater in the direction of “Centro Velico 3v”, it’s about 2.6 km. 


trevignano romano day trip from rome Summer stands along the beach in Trevignano Romano

Trevignano Romano Rome Italy lakefront
Trevignano Romano lakefront

2. Swim, take a sailboat, kayak, or paddleboard out on the lake

When the days are warm enough, nothing’s more satisfying than a swim in the clear waters of Lake Bracciano. The beach at Trevignano Romano is quite close to the historical center, shops, and cafes. You can also paddleboard or even take a sailing class (info on the map).

There are several beach clubs along the lake but most of the beach is free for everyone. The quietest part of the beach is at the end of the drivable street.

3. Walk in the old town up to the lookout point, the remains of the Orsini Fort

Another nice walk in Trevignano Romano starts at the “Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III” and, going through the “Porta dell’ Orologio” gate, past alley after enchanting alley reaches a natural terrace where stand the remains of the Orsini Fortress. From this observation point, you’ll have a wide glimpse of Lake Bracciano and the surrounding countryside. On the way to the fortress, the little church of Santa Maria Assunta offers an opportunity to rest and to admire the fresco in the apsis: it represents the Assumption of Mary into Heaven and was painted by one of the disciples of Raffaello.

The fortress is perfect for stargazing as well.

main square in Trevignano Romano
the Watchtower Gate, Porta dell’Orologio | Trevignano Romano
Trevignano Romano historic center
Walking towards the fortress | Trevignano Romano
Trevignano Romano historic center
Walk up to the Orsini Fortress | Trevignano Romano


trevignano romano Rocca Orsini at the lookout point


trevignano romano day trip from rome 6 From the lookout point


trevignano romano day trip from rome Sitting among the remains of the Orsini Fortress

4. Visit the Museo Etrusco-Romano in Trevignano Romano

In pre-Roman times, the city of Trevignano Romano was one of the hubs of the Etruscan civilization in the region. In the 1960s, two necropolises of high artistic and historical value were discovered in the neighborhood. The “Museo Etrusco-Romano” displays the artifacts from these two archeological sites. The goods found in the graves include decorated vases, metal objects, and jewelry, as well as a calash, a type of chariot.

To know more about the Etruscans and their art, visit my article about Etruscan museums.

Address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III, 1

5. Visit the predatory bird’s sanctuary in Trevignano Romano (great for brave kids)

Right on a hill a few km from the center of Trevignano lies a research center for the study and preservation of predatory birds. The operators will guide you through a tour, during which you’ll find out everything about the life of these birds. This research center is immersed in the natural reserve, and it’s about a one-hour hike if you walk from the “Porta dell’ Orologio” gate. Connect with them through their page Volorapaci

Address: Via Sutri, 13

5. Visit the secluded Lake Martignano

In case one romantic lake isn’t enough, you can drive or hike to another volcanic lake, smaller and even more quiet, Lake Martignano. Forget shops, restaurants, cars, and people! Here you will be one with nature again. This is a protected area, bonfires and littering are strictly forbidden.


With all the restaurants and cafes on or near Trevignano Romano’s lakeside promenade, you’ll have a huge wealth of options to choose from for your supper… I’ve selected a few of places just so you know where to start, but they are hardly the only ones! The leading dishes are the fried lake fish, and the home-made pasta topped with lake fish and fresh tomatoes, but you could also have great seafood and all kinds of traditional Italian food.

Here are some of the best eats in Trevignano Romano, but make sure to read also my extended guide to restaurants on Lake Bracciano.

La Casina Bianca

The highlight of this great lakefront restaurant is the fried seafood and lake fish (try the fried “lattarini“, a tiny fish from Lake Bracciano). Prices are low compared to other restaurants on the lake. It is easy to find a place here even without a reservation because there are many tables.

trevignano romano day trip from rome Fettuccine at Gens Trebonia in Trevignano Romano

restaurants in Trevignano Romano
the “pinsa”

L’Angoletto – restaurant pizzeria

Unlike many other restaurants, l’Angoletto is not in front of the lake but a bit off to the side, hidden among the alleys of the village. Here, at very affordable prices you will eat excellent appetizers and especially pizza, but also the first and second courses of meat are excellent. The atmosphere is that of a family-run restaurant.

Gens Trebonia

This eatery is an excellent choice, even if you only need a drink from the wine and beer selection, but it would be a pity to miss one of their home-made pasta dishes like the fettuccine or the pappardelle. The desserts are nice too, and the menu changes often.

Osteria Fuori Porta

This is the place where you should order the “eel”, or anguilla in Italian. This fish is served in small chunks on a delicate olive oil and mint bed. The chef makes everything with her own hands, from pasta to desserts, which change depending on the season and the mood. Another delicacy from this restaurant is the vegan fettuccine.

trevignano romano day trip from rome
La Vela coffee shop and restaurant

MiG Food Pizzeria Pinseria

The “pinsa” is a special kind of pizza made with 5 different grains. You can have it at this pinseria in Trevignano.

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Let me know your impressions about the lovely town of Trevignano Romano in the comments.

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