Lake Bracciano travel guide: from Rome to ancient villages in a natural reserve

5 Jun, 2019

Even if Lake Bracciano isn’t as popular as other lakes in Italy, you should spend some time exploring what this region has to offer in terms of nature, history, and recreation. The Lake Bracciano and Lake Martignano Natural Reserve needs to be on your Italy bucket list. The city of Bracciano, together with the other towns that overlook Lake Bracciano, is one of the locals’ preferred day-trips from Rome. The fact that the place is still off the main tourist tracks indeed adds to its charm. It’s almost impossible to visit Lake Bracciano and return disappointed. The points of interest are so numerous that you could easily spend a whole week traveling the area. You’ll find Lake Bracciano located 30 km north of Rome, in the direction of Viterbo. Read this guide to discover all the amazing things you can do in the area surrounding the town of Bracciano.


Far, far away in time, Lake Bracciano and its neighbor, Lake Martignano, were volcanic craters belonging to the Sabatino volcanic complex. Later, they filled up with water and became lakes. Remains from the Neolithic Age where discovered underwater near La Marmotta Beach in the nearby town of Anguillara Sabazia, including a 9 mt boat, which are now displayed at the Museo Neolitico. The water from the lake was drawn and channeled through the Roman aqueducts to provide water for the majority of Rome’s urban districts, as well as 40 smaller towns surrounding Rome. Pretty impressive, right? Motor boats are forbidden on the lake, except for the official ferry boat that carries people from town to town during the summer.


By car from Rome

It’s only a 40-minute drive, but the road isn’t as good as it could be. Only drive from Rome to Bracciano if you feel confident enough driving on a narrow road in Central Italy. And always drive slowly…

By train from Rome

The easiest way to get to Lake Bracciano from Rome is by train. Trains depart from the Roma Ostiense or Valle Aurelia stations, and stop in the towns of Anguillara Sabazi and Bracciano (both on the lake). Check the Trenitalia website to find out the time and to book your ticket online. You might notice that the timetables are off in most of the secondary stations in Rome, or at least they are confusing. I feel for you! That’s why I recommend verifying the time on the website. Once you are inside the stations I mentioned, follow the signs to the platforms for boarding the trains going to Bracciano or Viterbo.

How to get from Bracciano train station to the beach of Lake Bracciano

When you arrive in the Bracciano train station, walk on towards Bracciano Castle and then access the promenade (it’s on the map) that takes you down to the lake near the restaurant called Il Luccio d’Oro. From there you can walk left or right and find your favorite spot on the beach. There are bars and restaurants that rent out beach umbrellas and tanning beds (Ristorante da Tonino, Movida Beach), while other parts of the beach are free. If you walk a couple of km on the Via Circumlacuale in the direction of Anguillara Sabazia, you’ll reach the “Santo Celso Picnic Area”, where you’ll find a wild stretch of sand and a pinewood forest far from the commercial hubs.

lake bracciano

Bracciano Castle at night


Visit Bracciano Castle

Bracciano Castle is the main attraction in this region. Built during the second half of the 15th century on a cliff that dominates the western shore of the lake, it was at the center of bitter conflicts between the aristocratic families of Rome for centuries. Thanks to the families that committed to its maintenance and constant improvement, Bracciano Castle is now a museum (but also available for private events, if you can afford it, lol, as Tom Cruise did on the occasion of his wedding with Katie Holmes). Explore Bracciano Castle on a weekday… you might have the whole place to yourself! The visit to the castle is totally worth the €8.50 entrance ticket. The rooms are decorated with ancient furniture and art collections, and the high ceilings are alive with frescoes from the late Renaissance period. One of Michelangelo’s disciples worked as an artist in this castle. From the windows and the gardens, you’ll see Lake Bracciano in all it’s peace and magnificence. An independent visit takes about an hour and a half.

Self-guided walk in Bracciano

Once you’re done exploring Bracciano Castle, walk around the perimeter of the castle, in the Via Collegiata street and into the alleys of Bracciano´s old town. Fall in love with the calmness lingering over the tiny Piazza Saminiati square. Small restaurants and wineries have their cellars inside the castle’s walls, like the “Caffetteria Levante”. Walk towards the church of Santo Stefano Protomartire and the Museo del Duomo (open on weekends). And then, visit the two lookout points (on the map). Walk along the Via Arazzaria and the Via Principe di Napoli (the main commercial street of Bracciano), and sit at a cafe near the Piazza IV Novembre (the square with the Municipality Palace, or town hall).

lake bracciano boat Touring the lake’s towns on a boat

Explore the lake on the only motor-boat (summer)

This service is available only during the summer. The only motor-boat allowed on Lake Bracciano is the ferry boat that goes from town to town: Bracciano, Anguillara, and Trevignano. It’s a very romantic and exclusive way to sightsee in all the three cities on the lake in the same day. Each stretch of the ride costs €4, while an entire round trip costs €10. In the other two villages on Lake Bracciano, which are Anguillara Sabazia and Trevignano Romano, the dock is only 50 mt from the attractions in the historical center, while in Bracciano you need to walk downhill for 40 minutes. Therefore, if you wish to explore the area by boat, I recommend you get to Bracciano by train/car, first spend time visiting the historical center and the castle, and then walk downhill on the Via del Riposo to the dock and board the boat there.

Swim in the lake and enjoy Lake Bracciano’s beach

Lake Bracciano is the perfect place for swimming. If you don’t get put off by the dark color of the sand (by now you should know that the lake was part of a volcano long ago), you will swim in one of the cleanest lakes in the world. You can find simple beach resorts with tanning beds and beach umbrellas in all the three main towns on the lake (Bracciano, Anguillara Sabazia, and Trevignano Romano), but there are also many places where the beaches are less commercialized and have zero tourist facilities. My favorite beach is the one at Trevignano Romano, because the beach is directly accessible from the town, and there’s a beautiful, long promenade. But you can’t actually reach Trevignano Romano by train. If you don’t want to stay on the public transport for hours, go to the beach in Anguillara Sabazia. You can even travel to the secluded Lake Martignano, a much smaller lake which is nearby and completely surrounded by nature. The longest beach on Lake Bracciano, instead, is at Vigna di Valle.

Visit the other two towns by Lake Bracciano

Once you’re here, it would be a pity not to explore the other two towns on the lake… All so different and all so charming, Lake Bracciano is a soul with three hearts! Therefore, after you’ve spent a few hours in the more touristy Bracciano town, head to Anguillara Sabazia and Trevignano Romano. I told you! One day isn’t enough to explore Lake Bracciano’s attractions…


Swimming in the lake in early September

Windsurf, kayak, or paddleboard on Lake Bracciano

The lake is the perfect place to start your windsurfing or sailing lessons, or for a relaxing kayak tour. Here are two centers where you can rent what you need and take classes:

Windsurf in Bracciano: A.S.D. Centro Surf Bracciano – address: Via Lungolago G. Argenti 4

Sailing in Bracciano: Associazione Velica – address: Via Circumlacuale, 21; Sailing Team Bracciano – address: Via della Sposetta Vecchia


Trattoria Da Regina

This is more than a typical trattoria in the traditional Roman trattoria style. Here, you’ll feel as if you’re a guest in the cook’s house! The friendly environment and the lowest prices for a restaurant in the area will make you feel even more at ease… All the dishes are nice, but I’d always go for the meal of the day. I recommend the lasagna, the parmigiana, and all the meat courses. You can have the fish from Lake Bracciano cooked in different ways. They have a good choice of vegetable dishes, and for dessert, you should try the tiramisu, probably one of the best you’ll ever have in your entire life. This is one of the locals´ favorite restaurants: to be sure you grab a table, be there exactly at 7 PM when they open, or at 9 PM when the first crowd thins out. Address: Via S.Antonio, 1.

La Fontanella Restaurant

You can have all kinds of dishes here: pizza, pasta, veggies, meat… There are two inner dining rooms and an outside garden, which is delightful during the hot summer evenings. The “Antipasto Misto” is the number one in town, and the pasta portions will satisfy even the hungriest person.

lake bracciano travel guide Antipasto Misto at Restaurant La Fontanella in Bracciano town

Caffetteria – Aperitiveria Levante

A cute place built on the external walls of Bracciano Castle. Have your coffee or tea, a beer, or a glass of wine during the aperitivo ritual (a drink served with a taste of local products like cheeses, cold cuts, and veggies). During the weekends, they also serve lunch. Address: Via della Collegiata, 3

Ristorante Pizzeria Pizzando

As you can guess from the name, this restaurant specializes in pizza (and calzoni). Their pizza is the best, but they also make a lot of different fine dishes. Address: Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, 36

Pub – Winery – Restaurant Donegan’s

Having started out as a beer place, a “pub”, it is now also a winery and restaurant. The cherry on the cake: during weekdays, there is a very convenient and yummy buffet lunch you can’t miss! You’ll be full and happy from the food and the service. Tip fot the vegetarians out there: order the “tagliere vegetariano”, it’s amazing… Address: Via Claudia, 2A

Restaurant Il Luccio d’Oro

A restaurant with a beach. They serve classic Italian dishes and pizza, but the local specialty you should try is the “Tagliolini di lago”, homemade noodles with fresh tomatoes and fish from Lake Bracciano. Address: Via G. Argenti, 12

If you want to explore the Lake Bracciano region further, read about Anguillara Sabazia and Trevignano Romano, the other two cities on the lake. 

lake bracciano travel guide Bracciano town with Bracciano Castle

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lake bracciano italy

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  1. josypheen

    This looks like heaven! I would even prefer to stay somewhere like this, and commute into Rome to see the sights, rather than be based in the center of the city.

    I mean, tasty looking food, history, beautiful walks aaaaand then a clean place to swim at the end of the day? I can totally see why you decided to live there!! <3

    • Liza

      Thank you!!!

  2. catherinemryan

    Wow, that’s so cool that Neolithic remains were found in the lake. I love learning trivia like that when I travel!

    • Liza

      Yees! Included a statue of Venus 🙂

  3. Jayne

    Lake Bracciano looks stunning and I love a good Italian castle!

    • Liza

      Thank you, Jayne!

  4. Christina

    I love hidden gems of Italy and Lake Bracciano is definetely one of those gems! When we stayed in Italy for the summer we went to other lesser known lakes – Idro and Iseo, but wish we had known about Lake Bracciano. In addition to the castle, town and cuisine, it looks like a charming lake town that everyone should visit.

    • Liza

      Thanks, Christina! I’m visiting Lake Iseo in the next few days, I’m all excited 🙂

  5. Linda

    This looks like a beautiful place to visit! We tend to prefer the less popular places as they’re much less crowded, and this one is so close to Rome it must be a really nice escape from the busy city!

    • Liza

      You’re right! Once you have visited here, you would never look for accommodation in Rome anymore!

  6. No Home Nomadder

    Great lake Bracciano travel guide! You are blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

    • Liza

      Thanks! I feel blessed 🙂

  7. Katie

    Wow, that town looks incredible! I have family in Italy and have visited Lake Bolsena, another great lake, but never this one. Looks like a really fun day trip for next time though!

    • Liza

      Thank you, Katie… Lake Bolsena and the region that surrounds it are very similar to Lake Bracciano, and they’re part of the same volcanic area

  8. Campfires&Concierges (@leighlwilson)

    No motorboats? Fewer people? I think I would rather stay here than in Rome – looks like a wonderful place to kick back and relax for a few days.

    • Liza

      Yes, exactly what I’ve been doing in the past 8 months…

  9. Iva

    Italy feels romantic based on your post. Love that traces of history is seen through many art forms (murals, even the way the bed was made!), and how they all seem to wrap with nature! So romantic! 🙂

    • Liza

      Yes, one of the most romantic and quiet places I’ve ever lived in.

  10. Valerie Hansen

    What a beautiful place to vacay…I have not been to Europe anywhere yet…sad state of affairs lol. Anyway thanks for sharing this wonderful place, I hope to go to Cirque Terre first!


    • Liza

      Thank you, Valerie! Cinque Terre is on my bucket list too…

  11. Tim T'Syen

    Hi, we’re coming to stay next July-August for 14 days with our kids at Lake Bracciano and are really looking forward to it. After reading your guide, even more.
    My daughter needs to eat glutenfree, which isn’t reallyt a problem in Italy, we know from experience. Any places you can recommend?

    • Liza

      Hi Tim! Sorry but I don’t know of any restaurant in particular. You would find products in the supermarkets in town for sure 🙂


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