A local’s guide to restaurants in Bracciano and beyond

This article reveals the favorite Bracciano restaurants of the author, who has lived in the area for several years and is no less than a very good eater.

Once you have discovered the beauty of the landscape of Lake Bracciano and the villages that surround it, it is natural to want to stop and eat in the area. Even if you find yourself in this region just to visit the Bracciano Castle, you only need to walk around the alleys of the historic center to realize that this is one of the most picturesque towns near Rome.

I have compiled a list of the best restaurants in Bracciano and in the nearby towns of Anguillara Sabazia and Trevignano Romano for all tastes and wallets. The post also focuses on the typical dishes of this area which is characterized by the presence of a clean volcanic lake and countryside that provides an abundance of vegetables, and woods with wildlife.

The cuisine that you can enjoy in and nearby Bracciano can be defined as an “augmented “ Italian cuisine, more genuine, of better quality than the cuisine you’ll find in big cities.


Let’s start with my favorite places to dine in the town that gives its name to the lake and the castle.

italian tiramisù in rome
Tiramisù: the local’s favorite dessert | Trattoria da Regina

Trattoria Da Regina

Via S. Antonio 1

This is the first stop for friends who come to visit me in Bracciano from other cities. Here is a place that honors the tradition of the “Roman trattoria” just a stone’s throw from the Bracciano Castle. Cheap, informal, with lots of tasty dishes.

What to eat here:

The best dishes in this trattoria are the second courses: grilled/fried lake fish, Roman-style rabbit “coniglio alla cacciatora“, Bolognese-style cutlet. The side dishes feature seasonal vegetables such as chicory, puntarelle, roasted peppers. Close the meal with the most famous tiramisu in the province of Rome, which will be enough to satisfy two people.

Bracciano restaurants, antipasto
Antipasto Rustico at Trattoria del Castello | Bracciano restaurants


bracciano restaurants carbonara
Carbonara with truffle at Trattoria del Castello | Bracciano restaurants

Trattoria del Castello   

Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini 1

Several small restaurants overlook Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini, at the foot of the walls of the Bracciano Castle. One of the most popular among the locals is Trattoria del Castello, whose menu will challenge you. Better slow down your decision-making, start with the home’s appetizer: fried eggplant balls or fried zucchini flowers with anchovies and ricotta cheese, you can’t go wrong.

The abundant “antipasto rustico” and “antipasto di mare” will make you half full, if you get one of those then decide between a first and second course, or you won’t be able to eat everything on your plate.

The fettuccine with porcini mushrooms is great, as are the other vegetarian entrees.

There is a choice of second courses to suit all tastes, grilled meat, and fish but also the particular tagliata with rosemary cooked on lava stone.

bracciano restaurants
Starter plate at Pane e Olio Osteria | Bracciano


bracciano restaurants pasta
Pici cacio e pepe at Pane e Olio Osteria

Pane e Olio Osteria

Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini 11

Once you have taken a seat in the other famous restaurant of Piazza Mazzini in Bracciano, get ready to gasp every time the waiters walk among the tables with steaming dishes.

Here, too, you’ll be spoiled for choice for traditional Italian dishes cooked with great care.

Then maybe it’s best to go for the local specialties, like the antipasto in five samples and the pizzacce braccianesi.

Here I love the homemade pasta made with only water and flour, the “pici”, which are topped with a cacio e pepe sauce and truffle.

Where can you get a good pizza in Bracciano?


Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour 36

The specialty of this ristorante-pizzeria is the Neapolitan-style pizza, dough soft and high. Pizzando is located a few hundred meters from the Bracciano Castle.

La Fontanella

Via Francesco Silla 1

This ristorante-pizzeria offers generous portions at reasonable prices. The pasta dishes and pizza are delicious. The pizza here is Roman-style, so thin and slightly crispy. A really good choice for a budget Bracciano restaurant.

Il Luccio d’Oro

Via G. Argenti 12

Special and secluded the location of this restaurant, right on the shore of the lake, away from the hustle and bustle of the town. To reach it, you need to drive from the center of Bracciano towards the lake for 5 minutes or walk for about half an hour.

The pizza is good as well as the first course typical of Lake Bracciano, the “tonnarelli di lago“, homemade pasta served with a sauce of cherry tomatoes and lake fish such as perch. This is the most popular lakefront Bracciano restaurant.

Discover more Bracciano restaurants on foot

In case you didn’t find a seat in the restaurants I suggested, you might want to take a walk in the charming alley “Via della Sentinella”. This alley is reserved for pedestrians. It is full of restaurants with a romantic atmosphere and there are also a couple of pubs. At the end of the alley, you’ll find a panoramic view over Lake Bracciano that is not to be missed.


If you already know Bracciano, you can go to the neighboring town, less than 10 km away.

Anguillara perhaps takes its name from one of the typical dishes of the area of the lake, the stewed eel (“anguilla” in Italian). The heart of Anguillara is the Piazza del Molo, where the most famous places to eat are located.

fried lattarino fish
Fried lattarino | typical food of the area

Toto – friggitoria e pescheria

Piazza del Molo 4

A fish store that decided to open a kitchen as well, Toto is popular in every season.

Come here from 18:30 onwards to enjoy an aperitif of fish from the sea or lake. If you are very hungry, get a fish burger that is served with a side of fries.


Viale Reginaldo Belloni 1

This is a fine restaurant with lake views and lots of seafood and lake fish options. The chef likes to propose always new dishes, to know the updated menu is better to visit the place. Reservation is recommended.


Piazza del Lavatoio 5

More sheltered, located in the square where once was the old washhouse. This place is halfway between a pub and a coffee bookshop. The atmosphere is casual.

You will feel at ease in these few square meters. The owners are friendly and helpful. Your wallet will also thank you.

Wide choice of meat burgers (there is also one vegetarian option…)

restaurants Anguillara Sabazia
Starter plate at Il Gabbiano Caffetteria | Anguillara Sabazia

Il Gabbiano Coffeehouse

Piazza del Molo 4

This cafe can not miss from this foodie bucket list, at least for the effort that the managers have always put in proposing a wide choice of quick but at the same time quality dishes.

If you are in a hurry, or if you do not feel like sitting at a restaurant, know that here you will satiate yourself at all hours.

The highlight is what we call a “cold platter”, which consists of a set of starters with cheese, cold cuts, and vegetables in oil served with fresh bread to lick your lips. Sandwiches and toast are made freshly.

Here you can enjoy the most generous portions of salads in the region, which are as abundant as the main course.


Although Trevignano Romano is the smallest of the towns overlooking Lake Bracciano, with roughly 5000 residents, it has the widest selection of restaurants…

The town is famous for the lakefront promenade, very well maintained, which hosts the handicraft market on weekends. A considerable portion of the lakefront is a show of little restaurants to try before or after a relaxing walk.

Osteria Fuori Porta

Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi 87

An intimate restaurant with unique cuisine, it features slow-food ingredients. Here you can try the stewed eel with mint and pasta dishes designed with alternative ingredients, such as the vegan turmeric-fettuccine.


Lungolago di Polline 4

The location of restaurant Acquarella, right on the shores of Lake Bracciano, one km from the center of Trevignano Romano, is perfect for ceremonies and romantic dinners. You will have refined dishes sitting in the middle of a well-kept garden by the lake, surrounded by ornamental plants, or in the bright interior room.

The naturalistic frame is underlined by a pier on the water. Prices are medium-high because of its unique location.

Food is prepared with seafood or lake fish and even the design of dishes is inspiring.

Trevignano Romano restaurants
Pinsa with rucola, burrata cheese, and dried tomatoes at Migfood Bistrot | Trevignano Romano

Eating the Pinsa in Trevignano

Pinsa is a type of pizza more fragrant than the common one because it’s prepared with 5 different varieties of flour. You can taste it at:

Le Ballon | Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 63

Bistrot Migfood | Via delle Scalette 24


By now you should know that the quality of the food is reason enough to take a day-trip from Rome to one of the many restaurants in Bracciano, Anguillara or Trevignano. If you have more days at your disposal, it is worth going further and exploring the area called “Tuscia“. Tuscia includes territories in the province of Rome and Viterbo, such as the charming village of Calcata Vecchia.

bracciano restaurants
Sauteed chicory at Trattoria Zì Maria


bracciano restaurants
Gnocchi with porcini mushrooms at Trattoria Zì Maria | Bracciano restaurants


Trattoria Zi Maria 

Via Sasso Manziana 2

This rustic yet refined trattoria and wine bar is located about halfway between Bracciano and the Tyrrhenian Sea, near a tiny hamlet called “Il Sambuco”. The area is characterized by large scenic rocks, in fact, it is also called “Sasso”, which in Italian means “stone”.

At this trattoria surrounded by the countryside, dishes are prepared with 0 km products. The first courses of homemade pasta, as well as the second courses of meat, are excellent, but also the veggies sautéed with local olive oil, garlic, and chili pepper seeds.

If you come on a Thursday, try the gnocchi with the porcini mushrooms picked in the local woods.

Let me know what are your favorite restaurants in Bracciano and beyond in the comments.

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