Essential guide to Fregene Beach and town near Rome, Italy

Fregene Beach, which lies about 30 km from Rome’s historic center, and the town of Fregene, are among the favorite summer destinations for the inhabitants of Rome and its surroundings. Even in winter, when the view of the sea is not so inviting, Romans love to spend a few hours of their weekends walking along the beach and dining in the excellent seafood restaurants of Fregene.

It’s impossible to live in Rome and do not know Fregene Beach.

I spent most of the summers of my childhood playing on that beach and cycling in the delightful boulevards of the small and quiet city of Fregene, which is also home to 3 protected natural parks.

Here is all the information you need to spend an unforgettable day by Fregene Beach, including how to get there, getting around Fregene, dining, and enjoying to the fullest all that this destination has to offer. This is one of the best beaches near Rome, make sure to stop here if you travel nearby during the summer.

Singita Beach Resort on Fregene Beach
The Singita Beach Resort at the aperitivo time | Fregene Beach Italy


Waterfront | Fregene Beach

It is here that you will find one of the longest and most well-kept beaches near Rome, the reason why Fregene is a holiday destination. Fregene Beach is 5km long.


There are more than 20 beach resorts in Fregene, so many that it is difficult to know them all and choose the best one. I can recommend a few:

  • Point Break | for the lovers of all water sports 
  • Sogno Del Mare | best seafood lunch. Other than the catch of the day, a vegetarian and gluten-free menu is available
  • Oasi, because it features two swimming pools for adults and kids
  • Singita Miracle Beach | for a chic aperitif on the biggest sand stretch of Fregene
  • Kiosko beach, a large open beach in the northern part of Fregene with a comfortable bar that also makes excellent fried fish at a fair price

Fishermen’s Village

Before becoming one of the protagonists of the Roman summer, Fregene was a small village where fishermen and their families lived in stilts by the beach.

The ancient “Villaggio Dei Pescatori” is located at the northernmost point of Fregene Beach. The stilts have changed into gracious, low, and tiny, whitewashed houses right next to the beach.

In this small village, you will find the best seafood restaurants in Fregene.

Dinner at the fishermen’s Village is a must on your visit to Fregene, the icing on the cake.

Enjoy the catch of the day: fritture, mussels’ impepata,  spaghetti with clams, and so on, while the salt still tickles your skin. That’s how the locals do it!

You’ll be spoiled for choice of dishes, and there are several restaurants. We often eat at “Il Pioniere”, but others will be able to satisfy you too.

TIP: if you decide to spend one or more nights in Fregene, look for an apartment in the Villaggio dei Pescatori.

Castellammare St.

This is the commercial artery of Fregene, a street that cuts the town in half, full of stores, cafes and restaurants.

The “Piazzetta”

Another commercial heart of Fregene, but more intimate, with the post office, an excellent pizzeria, an ice cream shop, a piadineria, and some more eateries.

The Pinewood of Fregene

The pine forest of Fregene boasts 400 years of history. It was a pope who made the decision to plant the first pine trees in the 17th century, in order to dry a soil that was too watery. Some pines are 200 years older, among the oldest pines in Europe.

The pine forest is named after Federico Fellini, who shot several films here.

This is the ideal place to find shelter in the torrid summer days: organize a picnic, a walk, or a bike ride, and collect lots of pine nuts for your homemade pesto!

WWF Reserves in Fregene

Near the town of Fregene there are 3 nature reserves protected by WWF:

  • Oasis Mouth of the Arrone, the river that originates from Lake Bracciano
  • Oasis Basins of Maccarese
  • Oasis of Macchiagrande

The main one is the Oasis of Macchiagrande. There are 3 hiking paths in the oasis, all flat, for a total length of 7km.

Until the 80s of the 19th century, these territories were marshy and impassable. After the reclamation, they became oases that are home to countless species of mammals, birds, and fishes. This is the perfect activity to do in Fregene with kids.

From the huts that you find on the path, you can wait to see foxes, porcupines, fallow deer, beech martens, tortoises, cormorants, ospreys, buzzards, herons …

The Oasis of Macchiagrande and the Oasis Basins of Maccarese can both be visited with the ticket you get at the entrance of the Oasis of Macchiagrande.

aperitivo time at the Kiosko bar on Fregene Beach
aperitivo time at the Kiosko bar on Fregene Beach


I prefer Fregene. Unlike Ostia Lido, Fregene Beach is not part of the city of Rome, but of Fiumicino instead. This makes Fregene quite off-track.

In Fregene, there’s no train station connecting directly to Rome’s center. Fregene is quieter and has significantly fewer residents than Ostia.

Many lucky families of Rome choose to have a second home in Fregene to relax by the sea on the weekends and during the holidays.

Some others decide to make Fregene their main residence and live at a slower pace all year round.

Finally, the beach of Ostia is much more crowded than Fregene beach!

How do you get to Fregene Beach from Rome?

By car:

If you are traveling by car or motorcycle, take Via Aurelia from the ring highway (GRA), and then follow the directions to Fregene.

By public transport

From the Roma Termini train station, take a train of the line FL5 and get off at Maccarese/Fregene. then, take the bus 11 to Fregene Beach (Viale Viareggio).


The most pleasant way to explore Fregene and discover this lovely small town near Rome and close to the sea is by bike.

Slowly, ride through the shady and fragrant streets bordering the pine forest and stop to look at the holiday homes that offer an alternative to the traffic and stress experienced in one of Europe’s largest metropolises.

Take a bucket with you to pick blackberries if you visit Fregene in summer.

Once you reach the beach, you can take the bike path that stretches along the entire promenade of Fregene.

There are more than 20 beach resorts (the Italian “stabilimento“), and many open beaches to check out.

Ride from the southernmost beach resorts “Point Break” to the northernmost one, the Singita, until you reach the old fisherman’s village “Villaggio Dei Pescatori”.

And don’t forget to ride through the pine forest “Federico Fellini” as well!


Try “Moto Ciclo Meccanica snc” at the crossing between Via Nettuno and Via Viserba.


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This should be enough to make you desire to visit Fregene Beach as soon as you can! Let me know in the comments if you’ve found something worth mentioning in Fregene that I skipped in this post 🙂

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