Anguillara Sabazia town on Lake Bracciano: travel guide

17 Jun, 2019

Anguillara Sabazia is the nearest to Rome of the three main cities on Lake Bracciano. You can reach it with a 40 minutes train ride from Valle Aurelia subway station, and a ride on the Schiaffini public bus to the old town. The old town of Anguillara Sabazia latches on a tuff cliff and holds a lot of cute alleys and small squares, more than Bracciano and Trevignano. The urban structure of the old town is medieval. The town takes its name from the shape of the coast which forms a 90° corner (angulo in latin), and from the family that ruled the area and built a fortress around the 11th century (the Anguillara family). Visiting Anguillara Sabazia is a simple day-trip from Rome to a town which is chosen as holiday destination by local and European travelers. The best time to visit Anguillara is from June to November.

anguillara sabazia lake bracciano day trip from rome The lake from an alley in Anguillara Sabazia Old Town

How to get from Rome center to Anguillara Sabazia

Get on a subway and get of either at Piramide or Valle Aurelia. From there, take a city train directed to Bracciano, or Viterbo and get off at Anguillara Sabazia (make sure the train stops at Anguillara Sabazia before boarding.

How to get from Anguillara Sabazia train station to the beach.

Take the public transport “Schiaffini bus” (buy the ticket when you board on the bus) and get off at Lungolago when you see the beach. The trip takes about 10 minutes.


Stroll on the lake’s boardwalk along Viale Reginaldo Belloni. You’ll find coffee shops, beach facilities, benches, and the shade of tall trees. If you have a beach towel with you, you can also have a refreshing swim in the lake like the locals and people from nearby Rome love to do during the summers. Have a look inside the tiny church “chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie”. Keep walking on the lake along Via del Molo and Via delle Rupi, until you reach a small square that looks like an amphitheater. Look at the houses that shape the image of the old town of Anguillara Sabazia from the shores of Lake Bracciano. Have a coffee, frozen yogurt or gelato in Piazza del Molo, and get ready to reach the top of the cliff, it’s just a short climb. From Piazza del Molo reach Piazza del Lavatoio and walk up the stairs on the left side of “Lo Sfizio del Molo” eatery to Piazza del Comune. From there, keep going up to the medieval tower’s viewpoint, and then go back to Piazza del Comune and walk to the church of Santa Maria Assunta from where you’ll have stunning views on the blue water of Lake Bracciano.


Fountain of the Eels.

Eel is translated “anguilla” in Italian. The eel is the archaic symbol of Anguillara Sabazia. The fountain lies next to the massive old gate and in front of the municipality palace (Baronial Palace)

anguillara sabazia day trip from rome Fountain of the Eels in Anguillara Sabazia

Baronial Palace

This was erected in the 16th century, and today hosts the municipality headquarters. It preserves some frescoes which were recently restored.

Medieval Tower

It is now the home of the Farmer’s Museum. From the garden surrounding the tower, there is another sweet view on the lake.

Collegiata Church

Late-medieval church renovated one time. Some of the frescoes date back to the 14th century. The church is the highest point in the old town, and opposite one of the most spectacular views on  Lake Bracciano.

anguillara sabazia lake bracciano day trip from rome Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Anguillara Sabazia[/caption]

Church of San Francesco

The church dates back to the XV century and hosts what was a monastery of Franciscan Monks. It needed several renovations, but still presents the oroginal structure and materials. It hides remarkable frescoes, especially in the apsis.

anguillara sabazia lake bracciano day trip from rome Church of San Francesco[/caption]


This is an easy 2-hour hike in the countryside from the town of Anguillara Sabazia to  the Lake Martignano. The lake lies hidden to sight among the green valleys of the natural reserve. You need to bring a bit of food and water with you, while you can find shade under the trees. This is a place to relax and contemplate nature. To reach the lake, start walking on the intersection between the Via Anguillarese and Via della Mola Vecchia, then follow the instruction of Google Maps until you get to the lake.


Pescheria Toto fish-shop and restaurant

A fish-shop facing the lake with tables, menus, and a kitchen. Have your fish straight-away. Specialties are the variety of fried seawater fish and freshwater fish, fish salad, and supplì with fish. You can have them together with a glass of wine or a beer.

anguillara sabazia lake bracciano day trip from rome Fried fish at Pescheria Toto

Restaurant Harvey

This restaurant makes pizza and a lot of traditional Italian dishes. Simple, classic restaurant with big rooms, so that you’re sure you can find a seat.

Pizzeria da Brontolo

The place specializes in pizza, it’s got more than 100 varieties! The cook throw customers a challenge: if they can eat a huge pizza in less than 20 minutes, that pizza is for free… For a change in the pizza dimension, try the pizza with honey and walnuts.


Pretty much the place where you can get your meal at any time of the day. Start with a classic breakfast with cappuccino and cornetto, then come back at lunch where you can choose from the showcase the dishes of the day that you want to try. They have all kinds of baked goods included sliced pizza, and many desserts. Probably the nicest aperitivo in Anguillara, with a drink you get a tray of sliced pizzas, home-made chips, and more snacks.

Caffè-gelato shop” il Principe”

For the position and the amount of outside tables facing the lake, in a privileged position next to an ancient church, this deserve the top spot in terms of coffee shops in Anguillara. This is also the place for gelato in Anguillara, they make the best one.

Pizzeria Gustando

Roughly one km from the historical center, this pizzeria makes amazing pizza of any kind. They work mostly in the take away, but they do have a room on the first floor and an outside garden, if you want to eat there. Because of the convenient prices and the exceptional quality, this place is popular among families with kids. Their supplì (typical balls of rice with ragu or vegetarian covered in breadcrums and fried) are undoubtedly the best in town.

Hope you liked this guide to the town of Anguillara Sabazia… let me know in the comments if it was helpful on your trip!

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