Xiamen city travel guide: things to do and must see attractions

11 Jun, 2019

Xiamen city, also known as the “Egret Island”, lies on the southeast coast of Fujian province in China. Xiamen presents itself as a contemporary, international harbor city and has earned the nicknames “the city of gardens” and “the Orient’s Hawaii”. Xiamen isn’t too big and encourages slow, relaxed photography walks. Read along if your trip to Xiamen is approaching and you want to be be prepared to make the most out of your time in this fantastic Chinese city!


Xiamen weather is very unpredictable and warm almost all year round. My favorite months to visit Xiamen are October, November, and December. Especially in October you can enjoy the popular Xiamenese sunsets.

Xiamen City skyline from Gulangyu Islet


Xiamen’s subtropical weather provide its dwellers with 9 months of warm and pleasant weather. The summer is very hot: July and August are months during which it’s hard to live without air conditioning. To survive Xiamen’s hot weather, avoid to be in the sun during the middle hours of the day, always bring a sun umbrella and a fan, use sunscreen, and never forget mosquito repellent. There are a couple of months with almost constant rain, usually happening between March and May. Streets are sometimes flooded and everybody wears high slippers. Xiamen city’s weather is in general very unpredictable: sometimes you’ll feel like you’re experiencing four seasons into one day only. Xiamen is also subject to typhoons, but they rarely are very bad. However, it can happen that trees are uprooted by the heavy winds and windows destroyed too. Usually, typhoons in the region are headed to Taiwan, while Xiamen remains safe.

xiamen city travel guide The twin buildings near Yanwu Bridge


Huandao Road


If you love the beach and the sea view, start your self-guided sightseeing tour of Xiamen can be a self guided walk that starts at the Yanwu Bridge Scenic Boardwalk (演武大桥观景台). From here, admire two examples of Xiamen’s contemporary architecture: the skyway raised above the sea water and the Twin Buildings. Peddlers selling cold drinks, fresh noodles, and bbq, will make it easier to spend more time sitting along the beach. Keep walking, ride a bike or skate along the picturesque landscape of the long, lively south Xiamen’s promenade called Huandao Road (环岛路). The segment going from the Yanwu Bridge (演武桥) to the Huancuo Beach (黄厝沙滩) is the most interesting, 7 km in total, 30 minutes by bike.

xiamen city china travel guide Walking along the beach in Huandao Road near Huancuo.

Xiamen’s Railroad Cultural Park


The Railroad Cultural Park stretches East-West from Jinbang Park (金榜公园) station (bus and BRT) to Heping Matou (和平码头) station, in total 4.5 km. The park consists of a restyled abandoned railroad, and the entrance is free. It is perfect for a slow, self-guided walk. The best way to visit the park is to start walking in the proximity of Da Shengli (大生里) bus station: the old railroad goes through a tunnel decorated with lamps, statues, and photographs that depict the old Xiamen, recounting the history of the railroad. The air inside the tunnel is surprisingly cool: a true blessing for the travelers visiting during the extremely hot Xiamen summer. Both sides of the railroad are full of lush vegetation and flowers.

Xiamen City travel guide Graffiti inside the Xiamen University’s Furong Tunnel

Xiamen botanical garden


About 10 or 15 minutes by walking from the exit of the Railroad cultural park you’ll find the majestic Botanical garden of Xiamen.  The ticket is RMB 40 (half the price for students with a valid student ID). You could walk for hours and hours inside the park, as it’s huge! Make sure to wear confortable walking shoes. The most popular areas of Xiamen’s botanical garden are the Desert district, showcasing greenhouses full of different species of cactus, and the rain forest, where you experience the misty environment and the sounds of a tropical jungle, without the dangers you would expect in a real one.

Zhongshan Road shopping street


Zhongshan Road walking street confers to Xiamen the charme of a typical southeast asian city. This is the main commercial street of Xiamen, and the hub of its activities is the Zhonghua City building. At the side of the Zhonghua City lies the Xinjie Church which, founded back in 1848, which is the first protestant church appeared in China. On and around Zhongshan Road you can grab all kinds of fine local street food and refreshment.   Try the Bisheng Restaurant at the 24th floor of the Haibin Palace and the restaurant at the 6th floor Lujiang Hotel.


Nanputuo Temple


The Nanputuo Buddhist Temple has something like 600 years of history. It is a complex of beautiful lodges with statues, ornamental incense burners, beautiful natural rocks with prayers sculpted upon them. There’s a pagoda and two ponds: one for releasing turtles and fishes, and one with lotus flowers. The pathway on the hill leads you to the  Wulao Peak, from where you can gaze at the entirety of Xiamen University. The vegan restaurant inside the Nanputuo temple is very popular.

xiamen city china travel guide Inside the Nanputuo Temple

Xiamen University


Xiamen University was founded by Tan Kah Kee in 1921 and it is considered the most beautiful campus of China. Walking through the streets of Xiamen University you’ll also cross two lakes (one with ducks and swans), the Furong Tunnel (decorated with the students’ graffiti), stylish coffee-shops, and an institute where courses are provided in both Chinese and English. Xiamen University also provides one of the top intensive Chinese language courses in China. If you’re moving to China to improve your Chinese, read my guide on how to learn Chinese quickly in China.

The flow of visitors of Xiamen University grew so much over the last three years that now you have to book your free visit at least 3 days in advance through the Wechat APP (search for the account “U厦大” to book your free ticket).

Visiting hours of Xiamen University

Monday thru Friday: 12PM – 2 PM

Weekends and holidays:  8AM-6PM.

xiamen city china travel guide One of the lakes inside Xiamen University campus

xiamen city travel guide Graffiti inside Xiamen University’s Furong tunnel

Gulangyu Island


You can clearly see the tiny and lush Gulangyu Islet from where Zhongshan Road meets the seaside. The island is definitely worth a half-day trip. Gulangyu itself has plenty of points of interest: like the Sunlight Rock, the Bird Sanctuary, the Shuzhuang Park with the piano museum, the Bright Moon Garden, the Male Phoenix Palace just to name a few. You’ll even enjoy just strolling around the harbor and the little alleys: on gulangyu you’ll find many beautiful colonial villas built by foreign embassies (Xiamen is one of the 5 Chinese ports that was allowed to Western trade and influence in 1842 after the First Opium War), fine street-food, coffee shops, restaurants, and souvenirs.

xiamen city china travel guide The rock with the statue of Koxinga on Gulangyu Islet

How to get around in Xiamen

Public transportation in Xiamen is convenient and cheap. Choose what fits you best: bus, subway, BRT (buses with a privileged skyway), or use the Didi Dache, the application to call a taxi, similar to Uber, but way cheaper. There is also a service of free bike sharing throughout the whole city, if you prefer riding a bike instead.

xiamen city travel guide Xiamen University furong Tunnel


This paragraph helps you to know the places where you can unwind and take care of yourself in Xiamen.

Xiamen Hero Club


Hero Club in Xiamen is a SPA and swimming center all in one. You can spend the day swimming in the covered or open air swimming pool, enjoy the olympic jacuzzi with all kinds of hydro-massage, the hot pools (up to 40°), the sauna and hammam, the color-therapy room. I was never tired of this place! Entrace ticket is around RMB 90.

Address: 湖滨西路109~111 Hubin West Road 109-111

Deyi Tang massage and acupunture


Have you heard of the benefits of the traditional Chinese Tuina massage? It’s been used for thousands of years, it follows the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, and it’s an elixir for body and spirit. In the two “Deyi Tang” centers in Xiamen, for about RMB 100 you’ll have one-hour massage. The good news is: all the massage practitioners are real doctors! You can also also receive acupuncture therapy (RMB 40), moxa, and other traditional Chinese therapies.

Address 1:筼筜路港龙花园54-4号 Yundang Road Ganglong Park 54-4

Address 2:  思明区故宫东里84号 Siming District Gugong East Road 84

Asia Gulf Hotel swimming pool

The sea in Xiamen isn’t clean enough to swim… better to enjoy a full day at a beautiful swimming pool on the beach, like the one of the Asia Gulf Hotel. The pool is just a few steps away from the Huandao scenic boardwalk, and it’s usually quiet. You don’t need to be a hotel guest to enter the pool, just go to the hotel reception and buy a day-ticket for the pool.

Address: 环岛路黄厝98号亚洲海湾大酒店南区海边 Huandao Road – Huancuo 98 – Yazhou Haiwan Da Jiudian – Nanqu Haibian

xiamen city travel guide Shapowei Harbor and Art and Coffee district


Xiamen‘s typical breakfast 

四北花生汤店 Sibei Peanut Soup Shop – Historic eatery located at the junction between Siming Bei Road and Datong Road. Besides the characteristic peanut soup, they make “baozha”, “nuomi zha” (fried glutinous rice balls), Chinese leeks dumplings, and other local delicacies. Working hours: everyday 6:30-14:30

Address 厦门市思明区思明北路64号(近大同路) Siming North Road 64


Where to have lunch in Xiamen:

小眼镜海鲜大排档 Xiao Yanjing Fish Restaurant (RMB 80-100 per person) – Here you can have the catch of the day in a great variety and at a convenient price, perfect if you eat with friends so you can order together a big plate of fish (that’s the local way!). Working hours: Mon thru Thu: 11:00-14:00 / 16:30-22:00  Sun: 11:00-14:30 / 16:30-22:00

Address 思明区湖滨中路7号 Hubin Middle Road 7

Where to have dinner in Xiamen

Try the 沙茶面 Shacha-style noodles (about RMB 20-60) These are Xiamen’s original and distinctive noodles! They are served in a peanuty spicy soup to which you can choose to add more ingredients like eggs, tofu, fish and meat balls, and chitlings. There are three historic shops in Xiamen:

  • 月华沙茶面 Yuehua Shacha Noodles. The shop is hidden in an alley in the Zhongshan shopping street area. Look at the map to find it, or ask the locals. Address: 镇邦路78号
  • 乌糖沙茶面 Wutang Shacha Noodles. They have the highest price for a shacha noodle, but they also have the top quality. Address: 厦门思明区民族路76号
  • 四里沙茶面 Sili Shacha Noodles

They own many noodle shops in Xiamen. The main one is at the address: 思明区湖滨三里7号之1,之175,之176 – Hubin Sili 7

More of Xiamen’s delicacies

林氏鱼丸汤 Linshi fish-ball soup. Try the shop on Gulangyu Islet’s Longtou Road.

莲欢海蛎煎 Oyster Omelette – You can find it  in many places in Xiamen, but I recommend to get it in the shop in the Zhongshan Street area (address: 中山路局口街横巷10号 see the map) because they use fresh oysters cooked with the finest ingredients.

xiamen city travel guide View from the Yanwu Bridge


Xiamen is the perfect city for you if you like to stay up late at night! Xiamen’s evening and even more Xiamen’s nights are the most enjoyable times of the day in the hot subtropical weather. If you crave some street-food, you can have bbq at every corner. Sit like the locals on low stools and eat simply. If you want to sit somewhere and have a drink, head to these areas:

Shapowei Art district and Coffee street

Due to the high concentration of foreigners and expats around Xiamen University, Xiamen’s tiny ancient harbor called “Shapowei” 沙坡尾 has been largely restyled and rebuilt. Now it features beer and coffee shops, the locals’ privately opened art galleries, restaurants with late night food, and it’s continuously changing. There are more than 30 coffee places in the Shapowei area and the neighbouring Daxue Road 大学路 and Minzu Road 民族路 : a must visit. There are also cafes where you can listen to live music or that host djs, like the Real Live

Marco Polo Cafes and Bars area

This area developed much earlier than the Shapowei art district. Explore the streets surrounding the fine Marco Polo Hotel like Yundang Road (篔筜路), Jianye road (建业路), and Guanren Road (官任路): you’ll find western-style cafes and restaurants (many Italian restaurants), cocktail bars where you can drink, dance, and watch soccer games, and supermarkets that sell foreign products.

xiamen city travel guide Nanputuo Temple Pagoda

Now you know what to do to have the best time in Xiamen City! If you think this guide was helpful, please let me know in the comments. If you’re mulling over moving to Xiamen for a while, like I did, read my post six good reasons to live in Xiamen. Head here to see more pictures of Xiamen.


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