20 best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Rome plus map

This article dives into the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Rome, Italy. I’ve been searching for top quality vegetarian and vegan food both in the historical center and on the outskirts. The places I’m sharing with you are committed to bringing to your table zero-kilometer organic food. If you are a vegetarian traveler to Rome, or if you’re looking for vegan restaurants you don’t have much to worry about: the traditional Roman cooking is plenty of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Two of the most popular Roman dishes, the “Roman artichoke” and the “Pasta Cacio e Pepe” are respectively vegan and vegetarian. The locals prefer to eat meat and fish along with their veggies, but the vegetarian and vegan teams are getting bigger every day. Many excellent and budget-friendly restaurants were born to satisfy these categories of eaters. Let me take you to you the vegetarian restaurants in Rome I’ve loved since I quit eating meat and to the best strictly vegan places in town.

vegetarian gnocchi al pesto best vegetarian restaurants in Rome
Vegetarian gnocchi al pesto | Best vegetarian restaurants in Rome


This list gets constantly updated. I suggest you call the restaurant and reserve a seat a couple of hours before you drop there, just to make sure you won’t have to wait, standing. Visiting Rome can be tiring, with all the monuments and the museums. I’ve marked all the addresses and phone numbers of the restaurants and added a map. Some of them have branches. I’ve organized these fabulous vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Rome in alphabetical order.


vegan burger restaurants Rome
Chickpea vegan burger at Flower Burger | Vegan restaurants Rome


Flower Burger is a vegan burger franchise born in Milan with shops all over Italy. These little vegan hubs recreate the original veg burgers of chef Marco Bianchi, a very popular Italian wellness and vegan habits’ advocate. The brand’s mascot is the flower as a symbol of joy and life. Their buns come in different, energetic colors: pink, yellow, purple, black. They are absolutely transparent about the ingredients. Here, you’ll find some of the best vegan burgers and fries of Rome. There are 7 types of burgers made with different combinations of legumes, cereals, onion, tomatoes, and veggies. I’ve tried the “Cecio Burger”, made with chickpeas and orzo, it tastes delicious. This is a fulfilling meal, if you get a side of roasted potatoes you likely won’t be able to eat them all. You can get a menu for about €11.

FLOWER BURGER 1 | Via Dei Gracchi, 87 | +39-06 4566 6538

LOCATION 2 | Via Alessandria, 21 | +39-06 89617725

rome vegan gelato bakery
Raw vegan gelato at Grezzo


Grezzo is a cornerstone of the raw vegan patisserie in Rome. Their amazing vegan desserts, cookies, and cakes are all raw. The absolute protagonist of the shop is their gelato, which is the only raw vegan gelato in Rome. This tastes quite different from the traditional gelato of Rome, but you need to try it if you pass by the Monti district. The taste and the color are unique, 100% natural and made with raw almond milk. I tried the strawberry, chocolate, peanut, and almond gelato (price from 3 to 5.) The first and only 100% healthy gelato in Rome! They deliver too.

Grezzo | Via Urbana 130 | +39 06-483443


In the Italian slang, the expression “ma va’?” means: “really?”

Can you really eat and live without harming other lives? Ma và is a vegan restaurant close by the Vatican City and the Monte Mario panoramic terrace, one of the main viewpoints of Rome. They have an excellent quality-price ratio. Among the other starters of the house, the mixed starters’ plate includes homemade hummus, couscous, and marinated tempeh (€8). Then you can go on with one of the many first courses: organic wholewheat spaghetti with pistachio pesto, pumpkin ginger risotto with toasted almonds, “paccheri” with radicchio and smoked tofu just to name a few. It won’t be easy to choose between all the mouth-watering vegan Italian dishes. All the pasta courses can be gluten-free as well. The choice of second courses, side dishes, and desserts is rich and yummy. This is the vegan restaurant in Rome you can’t skip on your trip!

Ma và? | Via Euclide Turba 6/8 | +39-06 3729134

vegan restaurants Rome cake
Cake from Radagast vegan bakery | Vegan restaurants Rome


This is the place you need to visit to have the most amazing vegan cakes in Rome. I mean those colorful, delicious, tall cakes, with cookies and fruits on top. You will also find all kinds of patisserie products here like cookies, muffins, and creative vegan milkshakes too. Come here in the morning to enjoy a sweet vegan brunch, or even savory (vegan burgers, wraps, and hot-dogs available as well as buddha bowls.) They work from 10 AM to 8 PM (Tuesday to Saturday); 12 PM to 8 AM on Monday. The bakery is located in an off-the-beaten-path area of Rome, the Prenestino district, but totally worth a trip with the Metro C to the Teano station.

Radagast | Via Teano, 309 | +39-06 218 7232


Vegans in Rome shouldn’t let this tiny, fantastic raw food shop slip off their radar! It’s here that I stock on seeds, cacao, dried fruit, superfoods. Everything was processed below 40 degrees: healthy, highly nutritious raw vegan food. Prices are convenient and get even better if you buy big packets. I’m absolutely in love with their dates, Brazilian nuts, almonds, and cashew. They’ve got so many amazing products…

Cacaopuro | Via Giuseppe Troiani, 19 | +39 06 5574280



A charming vegan bistrot where every detail, from furniture to decorative objects, from cutlery to the way the food is presented is studied to make you feel pampered and surrounded by harmony. There are also 6 cats walking around in ease, laying at the sun, or observing you from their kennels with reserve. It’s easy to fall for one of the best cafes in Rome located in the university district Ostiense near the metro station Garbatella. In the morning and afternoon, you can have tea, coffee, or juice. At lunch and dinner time, tables are set for delicious vegan meals. I’ve tried their vegan ravioli and sandwich so far and would order them again for sure. Their long, wooden table is perfect to work at your laptop in the hours between meals as well. If you go there for lunch or dinner, don’t forget to book a table.

Romeow Cat Bistrot | Via Francesco Negri, 15 | +39-06 5728 9203


So What is a vegan restaurant located in one of the hipster districts of Rome, the Pigneto. Their cooking style is a fusion: vegan dishes from different parts of the world inspire their menu together with Italian-style dishes. Prices are really accessible (€8 for pasta or first course, €6 for an appetizer). What can you get there? Just to give you some ideas: organic polenta with valerian sauce, wholewheat pasta with broccoli and porcini mushrooms, fettuccini with sage and cashew pesto, seitan-based goulash, rollerball vegan cake with soy yogurt and tropical fruits. All the pasta dishes can be gluten-free as well.

So What | Via Ettore Giovenale, 56 | +39-329 826 5250


Vegan fast food with both international street food and the vegan version of the Italians’ all-time favorite (like lasagne and pizzoccheri), desserts, and burgers. The shop is quite small, so you consider a take-away. Portions are abundant, vegan burgers big. Located between the Termini train station and the Pigneto neighborhood.

Universo Vegano | Piazza Del Paradiso, 18 | +39 3481004757


vegan dishes aromaticus rome
At the Aromaticus Cafè | Quinoa, stew pumpkin, and hummus


The founder of Aromaticus, a Tuscan chef who relocated to Rome a few years go, defines his Bistrot as an “urban garden”, a green spot in the historic center. I was certainly surprised when I stumbled upon what looked like a plant shop in the heart of the Monti neighborhood, just a few hundred meters from the Colosseum and the Cavour metro station. In this Bistrot, alongside aromatic plants, seeds, and gadgets for urban gardening, you’ll find an original menu with delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes: their vegetarian burger and the quinoa pie with stew tofu and pumpkin stand out. Aromaticus is also a juice bar. Dishes cost from €7-12 and include aromatic filtered water and bread.

Location 1 | Aromaticus Monti | Via Urbana, 134  | +39-06 488 1355

Location 2 | Aromaticus Trastevere | Via Natale Del Grande 6/7 | +39 06 8879 8381


This Indonesian-style cocktail bar, restaurant, and aperitivo house in the Trastevere neighborhood features 3 rooms with stylish furniture, dim lights, and a relaxed atmosphere. You’ll find here Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese traditional dishes with lots of vegan options among the appetizers, first and second courses, and desserts. Just to give you an idea of the deli you can taste here: vegan rolls with soy vermicelli and veggies, vegan sautéed Thai noodles, caramelized crunchy organic tempeh, tofu with peanut sauce. The Bali Bar & Restaurant has a hookah room and serves herbal teas. Reservation is highly recommended during the weekend. While on Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can also order cocktails, during the week the drinks are only beer and wine. You can have your aperitivo in this stylish, ample bar every evening from 6 PM to 9 PM, it consists of a platter with appetizers and a drink.

Address | Via del Mattonato, 29 (entrance from Vicolo Dei Panieri, 56) | +39-06 589 6089     +39-3287676 361     

vegetarian restaurants Rome
Vegetarian pizza from Gaia Bio | Vegetarian restaurants Rome


Gaia Bio is an organic restaurant just a bunch of km off the edge of the historic center, close by the lush  Pineto Regional Park. The place is just a short walk from the Gemelli train station. Gaia bio has an abundant palette of dishes suitable for all tastes and necessities. They have a special consideration for vegetarians, vegans, and celiacs. They make pizza in the evening, also in their gluten-free version. The food is 100% organic and delicious. You will find even a selection of vegan cheese as an appetizer and vegan custard as an ingredient of their vegan desserts. Since everything they have is delicious, it’s not easy to recommend something specific. Next time I’ll visit, I will have again their crostini with hummus and veggies as a starter, and after that, I will taste their vegan homemade pasta. Since the restaurant is outside the historic town, you should find a table easily during the week.

An average meal costs around €25.

Gaia Bio | Largo Guido Cencetti, 13 | +39 06-3551 1307


Also known as “the vegetarian”, locally, the Margutta is the most famous vegetarian restaurant in Rome. This is mainly due to the fact that it was established a few decades ago, when it was still considered a special type of restaurant, and because this restaurant had been offering an incredible vegetarian Italian Brunch buffet for €15 Mon. to Fri. / €25 Sat. And Sun).

In the post-pandemic Rome, the Margutta keeps offering a delicious fixed brunch, vegetarian or vegan, but it’s served, and not buffet-style anymore. Choose your brunch among 4 tasty menu options: light&detox, protein-based, vegan, and gluten-free. You might also get a brunch-box and enjoy a picnic in the shade of tall trees in the nearby Villa Borghese Park or Pincio Gardens.

The Margutta is also a cafè serving breakfast, teas, coffees, and wine the whole day. At the aperitivo hour, you can opt for an aperitif-dinner (€18 included a drink and different deli, Sun. through Fri.). By night, the place transforms into an “a la carte” vegetarian restaurant. If you choose to eat here, don’t forget to stroll by the many artists’ workshops along Via Margutta, one of the off-track places of Rome’s center, before or after your meal.

Address | Via Margutta, 118 | +39 06. 32650577 Fax : +39 06. 3218457


This isn’t a restaurant but a grocery store. It could be helpful to any vegetarian or vegan visiting Rome. The Capra Rampante is an organic grocery store in the Prati district with lots of local products that you can consume at your apartment or bring home as a gift. I’m not only talking about veggies but also organic wines and pasta.

Address | Via Di Porta Castello, 36 | +39 06 68210977


Cozy vegan and vegetarian restaurant in the picturesque Garbatella neighborhood. The style is that of an elegant and sober living room with fireplace, wide tablecloths, and cushioned chairs. Their menu proposes traditional vegan and vegetarian Italian dishes revisited like the Lasagne with artichokes, the croquette with broccolini and fava beans, and an “alternative” amatriciana. I’ve heard the best part of the meal at Le Bistrot is the dessert:  try the pistachio vegamisu’ (vegan tiramisù) or the chocolate pear cake. Reservation is now mandatory.

Le Bistrot | Via Delle Sette Chiese, 160 | 06/5128991 – Cell. 338/2686540 (also WhatsApp)

panoramic rooftop restaurant Rome
The terrace of restaurant Mater Terrae | rooftop restaurant Rome


Absolutely less budget-friendly than the other vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Rome displayed in this article, the Mater Terrae is located on the romantic rooftop of the 5 stars Hotel Raphael. From there, the roofs and the domes of the historic center, one of the best views in Rome, unfold in front of your eyes while you’re having a meal designed by the first vegetarian chef that obtained the Michelin prize in Europe. The promise is to use only organic and biodynamic ingredients, with the minimum amount of sugar, which is anyway unrefined. The “tasting menu” costs €105. The location is classy and elegant.

Mater Terrae | Largo Febo, 2 | +39-06 682831

roman artichoke best vegetarian restaurants Rome
Roman artichoke | Best vegetarian restaurants Rome


Ops! is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the Trieste neighborhood, one of the most beautiful areas to stay in Rome near the historic center. Ops!’ strong point is their buffet lunch and dinner, which is now served by the staff, with you simply needing to choose from the counter all the food you’d like to have on your plate. There are cold and hot dishes. The staff weighs your food, you pay by weight. Ops!  is open from 8 AM to 12 AM and rests on Monday. You can also get your vegan Italian-style breakfast here with a vegan croissant and cappuccino. Your pets are welcome too.

Ops! | Via Bergamo, 56 | +39 06-8411769


Orto is a vegetarian restaurant offering many vegan dishes as well. It is located in the Prati neighborhood at a short walking distance from the St. Angel’s Castle. The dining room is decorated with elements of the agricultural world, the food is organic. Vegetarian dishes use different kinds of cheese like pecorino, ricotta, brie, Parmigiano, and provola (cheese platter available as a starter too.) Most of the dishes originated in the Italian farming tradition: panzanella, veggie polpettone, grilled green tomatoes with ricotta and pistachio. There are wraps served with fries, plates of pasta, original dishes proposal for the second course, and a few salads. The menu is rich and inviting, prices accessible. Orto is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant that you must fit in your Rome bucket list. Reward yourself with a dinner at Orto after a walk from Piazza Navona to Piazza Cavour, or after a visit to the Vatican Museums. Open only for dinner, 7 PM on.

Ristorante Orto | Via Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli, 142 | +39 06 45678050


This is another vegetarian and vegan restaurant of the Pigneto district, the favorite area of Rome for casual nights out. If you haven’t spent a night strolling along the Pigneto pedestrian street yet, do it this time. It is full of bars, restaurants, and street food. At Vitaminas24, all the ingredients are organic. You can also sit there for tea, juice, or to sip a glass of organic wine.

Vitaminas24 | Via Ascoli Piceno 40-42

Cicoria ripassata, Rome’s vegan specialty | Vegan food Rome


Besides being top-notch vegetarian restaurants with a varied vegan offer, the Vivi Bistrots have incredible locations. I am a recurring customer of the Vivi Bistrot inside the most beautiful park of Rome, the Villa Pamphili Park. As a location, this is secluded and quiet. You can get your meal here after a run in the huge park, or you can do it the Italian way: first, you have a delicious lunch, and then you end it with a relaxed walk under the shade of pine trees. Their menu is inspired by different cuisines of the world. There are also Buddha bowls, fresh juices, teas, and hot chocolates to make your winter in Rome sweeter. If you go there for your brunch on a weekday, you will find it at its calmest. Sit in the charming garden (which anyway, is part of the best park of Rome), and observe how green and contemplative Rome can be.

Vivi Bistrot location 1 | Via Vitellia, 102 (Villa Pamphili) | +39 06 5827540

2 | Piazza Navona, 2 | +39 06 68 33 779

3 | Via Della Mercede, 50 | +39 06 97613453


Zazie is a small restaurant that offers only takeaways at the moment. Ingredients are fresh, organic, and change every day. Get there by lunchtime to try their “pranzetto”, a box with a delicious but light surprise lunch in it. Their specialties include salads, juices, cold and hot soups, gazpacho, yogurt with fruits, smoothies, and small jars of homemade veggie sauces you can bring home.

Zazie | Via Quintino Sella, 29 | +39 39722287

2 | Via Cesare Bosi, 9 | Tel. 06 8844514

If you know about vegan restaurants in Rome I haven’t mentioned here, please let me know, I will go check them out. Leave me a comment if you’ve visited any of these vegetarian restaurants in Rome and tell me about the dishes you’ve tasted!

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