Rome vegan scene: gelato shops and bakeries to try out on your trip

Is Rome vegan-friendly? The answer is yes, but you’ll have to research for the right places and dishes. As you know from my guide to Rome local desserts and gelato shops, most of the Italian sweets are not vegan, and something like “cornetto”, which the majority of Rome citizens eats at breakfast, isn’t even vegetarian! But, in recent years, a few vegan gelato shops and bakeries appeared in Rome and made the life of the Roman vegan sweeter. Read this article to know everything about Rome’s vegan shops specialized in gelato, cornetto and more yumminess in or near the city center.


Super Sapore

Opened in 2015 as the first vegan gelato shop in Europe, in 2017 it became the first raw organic gelato shop in Europe! Super Sapore’sice-cream is helpful in improving metabolism and decreasing cholesterol, and does not make you fat! Sounds like a very healthy ice-cream… Before eating your gelato, you also go through a ritual tasting routine which prepares your mouth to receive all the nourishment of the organic ingredients.

Address: Via dellaLega Lombarda, 9. Subway station Metro A (MA) Bologna

rome vegan gelato bakery
Gelato at Super Sapore

Fratelli Piermattei (Piermattei Bros.)

Probably the oldest vegan bakery in Rome, the Fratelli Piermattei started baking vegan pies, cornettos, pastries and cakes 20 years ago. They create a lot of different kinds of desserts for the joy of vegans and intolerant to animal-derivation products.

Address: Via Matteo Tondi 14/16, Rome.

rome vegan gelato bakery
Rome’s typical “pastarella” at the Fratelli Piermattei vegan bakery


Olive Dolci

Olive Dolci makes a popular vegan gelato in two locations in Rome. Their gelato contains olive oil, but doesn’t taste like olive oil, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

Addresses: ย Via Vittorio Colonna, 20 (Cavour Square area) and Via Emanuele Filiberto 140/142 (Vittorio Emanuele Square area, subway Line A (MA ) V. Emanuele)


rome vegan gelato bakery
Vegan Gelato cake at Olive Dolci Rome

Radagast Vegan Bakery

Radagast has been producing vegan delicacies in one of the most lively districts of Rome. This bakery is specialized in American and English style vegan desserts like cupcakes, muffins, and cookies. Furthermore, you can match your vegan dessert with fresh juices, vegan smoothies, and herbal teas. They also deliver to your place, otherwise, you’ll find all this yumminess at the address:

via Teano, 309 (subway Line C Teano)

rome vegan gelato bakery
Cupcakes at Rome vegan bakery Radagast


Gelato Giulivo

Rome’s vegan gelato shop saw the light in one of the most populated, working-class districts in Rome. Their creamy gelato contains olive oil as a thickener. You’ll find it at the address:

Via dei Castani, 92 subway station line C (MC) Mirti.

rome vegan gelato bakery
Gelato Giulivo‘s gelato

Grezzo Raw Chocolate

Nestled in one of the most bohemian districts of Rome, the Rione Monti, Grezzo shop is all about raw chocolate and superfood-rich desserts. You’ll find raw gelato and cakes, too, and it’s only a 15 minutes walk away from the Colosseum. Besides that, Grezzo’s desserts are a perfect ending to a vegan meal in one of my favorite restaurants in Rome, that is the Aromaticus, which is also in the same neighborhood. Grezzo creates the gelato with fresh almond milk, a distinctive trait for my favorite vegan gelato shop in Rome.

Address: Via Urbana 130, subway station of the A line (MA) Cavour.

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Now that you’ve seen the word “gelato” so many times, is Rome vegan scene more promising? Let me know if you find more vegan bakeries in Rome in the comments!



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