Borobudur hotel near the temple: the Mettaloka and the Rumah Dharma Villas

Borobudur hotel: where should you stay? If you plan to visit the Borobudur Temple near Yogyakarta on your trip to Indonesia, I recommend to find an accommodation and spend some days there. Borobudur Temple itself can be visited on a day trip from Yogyakarta, but the land is quite beautiful and the local culture rich. While the Borobudur Buddhist temple is the most visited monument in Yogyakarta, the majority of the population is muslim. The locals grow rice and produce batiks and other art crafts. From the hotel I recommend that you  rent a bike and take your time to explore and enjoy the natural landscape all around the Borobudur temple.

borobudur hotel mettaloka
Orchids in the garden of the Mettaloka guesthouse


All the rooms at the Mettaloka hotel overlook the garden. The rooms are reasonably spacious and very clean, and I really liked the decor in the bathrooms. There is a separate, airy hall with tables and wooden couches for the breakfast and tea time. The owner is a meditation teacher and offers a free meditation daily, early in the morning. The hotel is a 10 minute bike ride from the Borobudur Temple. The nights are very quiet and from there I couldn’t hear any sound of the morning chants from the Mosque. Right in front of the entrance of the Mettaloka, a small, convenient canteen offer typical Indonesian noodles and rice.

borobudur hotel
Pavillion inside the garden of the Mettaloka guesthouse
borobudur hotel mettaloka
Particular of the bathroom in a room of the Mettaloka guesthouse


This is right in the middle of the rice fields, but still a bike ride from Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta. The meditative-style garden and the pool invite you to a slow relaxed vacation. The outdoor decor matches perfectly the atmosphere of the nearby temple. The indoor decoration of the rooms is elegant and intimate. Each room is built in a separate brick-house with the typical Indonesian roof. The complex of the hotel is beautiful from the inside and the outside . I was strolling past near the Rumah Dharma and I felt a pull to get close and have a look. The owner is also a musician, very friendly and talkative. The food is delicious and freshly-made. This hotel is an ideal retreat location.

borobudur hotel review beds
Style of the rooms of the Rumah Dharma Villas
borobudur hotel pool
Pool in the garden of the Rumah Dharma Villas
borobudur hotel near temple
Vegetarian dishes at the Rumah Dharma
borobudur hotel rice fields
View on the rice fields surrounding the rumah Dharma
borobudur hotel near temple
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