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Piazza Del Popolo, Rome, Italy

History and architecture of Piazza Del Popolo in Rome

This article is completely dedicated to Piazza del Popolo, one of the most scenic piazzas in Rome, and its history, architecture, facts and curiosities. This square is home to some of Rome’s most spectacular monuments as well as artistic treasures …

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Islands in Indonesia

A Guide to Indonesia’s Most Beautiful Islands

Home to some of the world’s most unique islands, Indonesia is a beautiful setting for an unforgettable vacation. That being said, few types of vacation will let you experience it like an Indonesia cruise that lets you get up close …

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famous gardens in Italy

11 unique gardens in Italy

Ancient monuments, beautiful piazzas, picturesque lakes, and white sandy beaches, these items are usually present on the bucket lists of those who travel to Italy. First-time travelers to Italy usually don’t expect to stumble upon incredible gardens, which often have …

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