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Xiamen lagoon

A photo journey to Xiamen, China

The six years I spent working and studying in Xiamen, one of the best places to live in China as an expat, were so intense that I rarely thought about taking photos. All my focus was on taking in an …

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Xiamen China

Six Good Reasons to Live in Xiamen

If you’ve been thinking of relocating to China and growing culturally or professionally there, but are still unsure about where to go, have a peek at all the good reasons why Xiamen, a city on the southeast coast, should be …

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Tibet tour: 4 days in Lhasa

  A couple of years before my trip to Tibet, a friend proposed that we spend Chinese national holidays in Lhasa. We were both working in China and very busy, and we didn’t have much time to travel. I dismissed …

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chinese food

Food in China: a mini-guide for expats and travelers

The reason for the creation of this mini-guide for expats and travelers is to help enhance their experience with Chinese food in China and assist you in choosing meals with confidence for the better enjoyment of your very first dinings …

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