Diving in Pulau Weh, Indonesia: dive centers

Diving in Pulau Weh, Indonesia, remains my top underwater experience together with the dive in Apo Reef in the Philippines. Pulau Weh Island lays at a ferry ride from Banda Aceh at the top of Sumatra and is a paradise for divers. Feauturing¬† more than 20 different dive sites and prices that will make your wallet happy. Be ready to spot fan corals, reef sharks, turtles, rays, red lion fishes, dolphins, mantas, stone fishes, and much more. You will also encounter currents while diving, so look for professional orientation for your dive. At the same time, this is a perfect chance to learn how to dive in a variety of currents. I dove with the staff of two diving centers, which I recommend. Always remember to check your equipment in advance ūüėČ

For tips about the other ways to enjoy your stay in the beautiful Pulau Weh, apart from diving, check my other article: Things to do in Pulau Weh.


To reach the Monster Divers, head to Gapang Beach. The shop was founded by 3 men from Barcelona and an Indonesian woman. The crew is friendly and welcoming. You want to dive here if you are looking for an easy-going community which will make you feel at home and share wifi and tea/coffee in the morning. They will also help you find a budget accomodation, if there’s one available. Monster Divers provide diving certifications up to dive master.


This diving center on the quiet, romantic sands of Long Beach is run by a Malaysian diver with extensive knowledge of the island and the sea. You want to dive with Steffen if you are looking for relaxation above all. Right in front of the center is one of the most popular diving sites of the island, “Batee Tokong”, where strong, circular currents attract white and black tip sharks, barracuda, and rays. ¬†Steffen has accommodations too, and a restaurant.

Now have a look at the amazing snapshots that Abu took for Monster Divers with his GoPro.

Diving Pulau Weh pic


Diving Pulau Weh pic

Fan worm

diving pulau weh photo

red snapper

diving pulau weh photo

Tridacna gigantic

diving pulau weh photo

Sea pineapple

diving pulau weh pic

Neopetrolisthes maculatus

diving pulau weh pic

Nemo fish/clownfish

diving pulau weh photo

Arothron Stellatus

diving pulau weh photo


diving pulau weh photo


diving pulau weh dangerous photo

young stone fish

diving pulau weh dive centers


diving pulau weh dangerous fish

Stone fish

diving pulau weh photo


diving Weh Island pinterest photo

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