The Old Town Caffè: coffe, tea and accomodation near the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko

As you walk down from the ruins at the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko, the first house you see is the Old Town Caffè. I decided to stop by and get a coffee before starting hiking to the Ravne Tunnel. The view from the top of Visocika hill was beautiful and refreshing. I couldn’t stop thinking maybe I should have taken a room up there. Instead, I had booked something at the bottom of the hill.


The interior of the Old Town looked cosy and relaxing. Only a few guys were sitting at the wooden table next to mine and having Turkish style coffee. One of the owners of the cafè came out of the kitchen and asked if I wanted some coffee. Turkish coffee was the only quality available, but I enjoyed a lot. Turkish coffee invites to reflection and relaxation more than other kinds of coffee. While I was waiting for the coffee to sit, I looked around in the room and in the yard, the place emanated a welcoming feeling and was immersed in green and nature. The name of the place comes from the ruins of the old medieval town (Stari Grad in the local language), at the summit of Visocika Hill, only a few minutes far away.

coffee accomodation Bosnian Pyramid Visoko
Turkish coffee at The Old Town


When the owner of the shop approached me and we started chatting about her place, I was surprised to find out her English was really good, quite not common for Visoko locals. She made me taste the herbal tea made with the herbs her mother picks on the mountain every day. The tea heals headaches and stomachaches and is very good to drink. The coffee shop is also a small hostel with a mixed dorm of 4 beds. It’s also possible to camp in the yard, waking up in front of a majestic landscape. This is definitely the place I’m going to stay at during my next trip to Visoko and the Bosnian Pyramid!

coffee accomodation tea Bosnian Pyramid Visoko
Herbal tea at The Old Town
coffee accomodation Bosnian Pyramid Visoko
At The Old Town Caffè


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