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Where to find intensive Chinese language programs in universities in China

October 5, 2018
learn chinese in china language school list

China is big! There are many universities that offer intensive programs of Chinese language, but how do you choose the one right for you? Especially, considered this might be the very first time for you in China. The choice of the right place and course can become overwhelming.


Somebody will probably tell you that the proper, “standard” Chinese is the one spoken in the capitel, Beijing. I also believed that, and that’s why I spent a few months in Beijing, at the beginning of my life in China. The truth is, Chinese speak Mandarin in every big town, and they also speak one dialect at least. Even Chinese from Beijing speak a slang that it takes some time to get used to. And furthermore, the “overlooked” cities have quite a few advantages…


If you don’t have any particular campus in mind, first spend some time collecting a bit of information about Chinese provinces and cities, to get an idea of which would be suitable. I’ve compiled a list so you can have a pick and get some inspiration. Chinese language programs in Chinese universities have competitive prices and offer many advantages in terms of quality, environment, and reputation. I have also compiled a list with the links to the introductory pages of Chinese language courses in different universities.

This will save you a lot of time!

Intensive Chinese language programs China university Beijing
Jiaotong University in Beijing



intensive chinese language programs china
20 intensive language programs in China


  1. Great list of places I can go and learn Chinese, very informative. I’m currently learning Thai, I think adding Chinese onto of that would burn out my brain haha but I’ll remember this for the future! Always looking to expand my knowledge.

  2. Helpful info here.Definitely worth reading I were going to study Chinese in China. I’ve sent a good bit of time in China but have no language skills.

  3. Lovely post on my first visit to your blog :)…..loved to know so much about your experiences in China…….would love to read more of your posts and connect……..some day in the future you can think of planning to visit India, equally as diverse and beautiful as China, and also the land of the birth of Buddhism……:)…..and Calcutta is my home in India, on the eastern part…

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