A walk by Namtso Lake

4 Jul, 2017
The visit to Namtso Lake is a day trip from Lhasa. As Yamdrok Lake, it is holy water. It is a destination for Tibetan pilgrims more crowded than Yamdrok Lake.

The road from Lhasa to Namtso is level and gives you stunning views of landscapes with the Himalayas chain on the horizon. On the way there you will see yaks and nomads tents.

I was able to spend there a few hours, walking around on the sandy shore and taking pictures.

The majority of people were staying in the proximity of the Chinese canteen. Luckily, the guide and driver also decided to sit there and wait for me, so that I could have some alone time with the Lake…

It is a place of peace and beauty where you can sightsee, lie down and relax.

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