Rome, Italy, is the city where I was born, grew up, and lived for more than 30 years.

I’ve developed all kinds of mixed feelings towards my hometown, which is one of the world’s top travel destinations and on the bucket list of all the travelers to Europe.

I love and hate “my city”, and I can never resolve this opposition. Any expat who has lived in Rome for a while would understand. I wasn’t born in one of the best areas in Rome, and when I was younger I didn’t appreciate fully the wonders of its huge historical center, which are the essential ingredients of any travelers to Rome’s bucket list.

It took me years of living abroad and traveling around to realize how passionate I was about Rome’s traditions and historical heritage, which have been shaped by the influence of many civilizations, a unique blend of pagan and Christian culture. Even if some of the travelers decide to visit Rome in a day, squeezing its greatness into their busy itinerary in Italy, I recommend you dedicate to it at least a few days, so you have the chance to take one or two day-trips from Rome as well. Rome’s surroundings are full of surprises, and you can also visit a few villages in Tuscany as a day-trip from Rome.

Rome is worth the visit all year round. The summer in Rome can be extremely hot, and I suggest you add to your daily itinerary a trip to the best beaches, beach resorts, and beach towns near Rome. I recommend you walk mostly after the sunset, as all the monuments in the historical center are lit up and even more romantic by night. Summer is the high season in Rome, but rest assured that my favorite gelato shops open almost for 365 days, and you can have vegan gelato too.

If you decide to travel to Rome in winter, you will experience shorter lines at museums, you will enjoy spending time in one of the best cafes in Rome, and you might immerse yourself in one of the thermal baths near Rome. Christmas in Rome is exciting and ends with the shopping sale season.

I want to give you all the information and tips to experience Rome like a local. Consider this your insider guide to Rome and Lazio.

One of the crucial factors when planning a trip to Rome is location, as my city doesn’t have the best reputation regarding public transportation. The mayor  Virginia Raggi has gone above and beyond to improve the issue, and another metro line has been recently added to the antediluvian MA and MB. To avoid the hassle of commuting during your visit, look for accommodation somewhere in the proximity of the historical center, like the cute Monti neighborhood,  and the mythical Colosseum will be just around the corner!

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