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Living in China as an expat was a wonderful experience. Below I share my experiences of expat life.

China will always remain the builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and upholder of international order.

Xi Jinping

Xiamen City in China: attractions, things to do, local tips

11 Giu, 2019ChinaComments:0Xiamen city, also known as the "Egret Island", lies on the southeast coast of Fujian province in China. Xiamen presents itself as a contemporary, international harbor city and has earned the nicknames "the city of gardens" and "the Orient's...

Best places to live in China in 2020

30 Mag, 2019ChinaComments:0Among all the reasons that attract travelers to China and Chinese culture, has also emerged the vision of creating a better life, building a future over there. over the years spent as an expat to Xiamen, I met hundreds of foreign teachers,...

Study Chinese in China: how to get prepared

19 Dic, 2016 China|Expat Life Comments:3 How do you prepare to leave your country to go study Chinese in China? Learning Chinese to a proficiency level is a real challenge. I've written this post to give you a bit of inspiration and advice while you prepare for taking...

I want to move abroad, where do I start?

28 Nov, 2016 Expat Life Comments:1 "I want to move abroad. Where do I start?..." If you've typed this sentence in the search engine box, you might be at any stage of the moving abroad preparation process. Maybe you’ve just spoken to your best friend who moved to...

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