Expat Life

Living In China

Living in China as an expat was a wonderful experience. Below I share my experiences of expat life.

China will always remain the builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and upholder of international order.

Xi Jinping

Six Good Reasons to Live in Xiamen

22 Feb, 2018China|XiamenComments:14If you've been thinking of relocating to China and growing culturally or professionally there, but are still unsure about where to go, have a peek at all the good reasons why Xiamen, a city on the southeast coast, should be among the...

How to prepare to study Chinese in China

19 Dec, 2016China|Expat LifeComments:3 Learning Chinese is challenging but...I'd like to give you a bit of inspiration and advice while you prepare for taking the same life-changing decision which in 2010 made me move to China, where I started an intensive Chinese...

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